National credit administration, at home, at work or wherever you want. Mobile banking service. Use our loan calculator below. As a privileged partner, we can provide a significant discount on interest rates .

Free of charge! Full credit counseling and credit management is truly free of charge. In fact, as a preferred partner, we can provide a significant discount on interest rates . Without queuing.

Loan calculator home loan, free use mortgage, personal loan free administration in Pest County. Using the loan calculator is free but is not an offer.

Financial planning, home savings, insurance.


We are bank independent – we work with almost every domestic financial institution as a privileged partner, which means significant discounts.

  • As a nationwide network of Hitelnet, over 18 years of experience in credit management

  • Our credit experts have the required MNB qualification.

  • solid professional background

  • Almost all domestic financial institution products are available in one place.

  • A universal banking comparison and rating system with just a few clicks

  • Professional support: either in CSOK or in lending matters.

  • Most of our partner financial institutions offer discounts to our clients that are more favorable than branch offers

Home Loan

Home Loan

  • Consumer Friendly Home Loan

  • Home loan used to buy a home

  • Home loan for new home purchase

  • Home renovation loan

  • Home improvement loan

  • Bridging loan

  • Loan For Land Purchase

Credit administration nationwide


Predictability and consumer friendly services. An example of such services is that the financial institution takes over the burden of such land administration, if the consumer so requests. The Friendly Home Loan guarantees predictability, as specific deadlines are available to the financial institution for each decision. Disbursements must be made within two business days of qualifying, and credit assessments must be made within 15 days of the completion of the appraisal of the property.

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