Nanosonics AuditPro new digital infection prevention product platform launched at APIC 2021

INDIANAPOLIS – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Nanosonic (ASX: NAN), a leader in infection prevention solutions, today announced the launch of Nanosonics AuditPro ™, a new digital product platform providing workflow traceability, reporting and compliance , during the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) virtual conference, from June 28 to 30.

The introduction of Nanosonics AuditPro will provide infection control specialists and quality managers the opportunity to improve and standardize infection control compliance across a wide range of medical devices to support risk management nosocomial infections (HAIs). The first application will concern the ultrasound market. A nationwide deployment across the United States is expected to begin in July 2021.

Infection prevention specialists have increased their responsibility regarding the challenges of nosocomial infection (HAI) compliance and their link to medical device infection control practices. According to an alert from The Joint Commission74% of all “immediate threats to life” came from equipment that was poorly sterilized or high-level disinfected.1

As a reusable medical device, ultrasound probes must be appropriately disinfected in accordance with applicable standards in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination of patients. These standards require clinicians to be able to determine whether a probe should be low-level disinfected (LLD), high-level disinfected (HLD), or sterilized, depending on the procedure for which the probe will be used.

The new Nanosonics AuditPro workflow compliance management solution includes a mobile scanning device and an application for ultrasound users, coupled with a subscription to a browser-based application. The mobile app is designed to be used on the ultrasound console, seamlessly providing training on infection control best practices as part of the clinical workflow and standardizing infection control practices to respond accreditation requirements.

Sophisticated software queries the workflow dataset to provide real-time information on procedure classification and disinfection records, including HLD cycle records from the Nanosonics trophon®2 information on the use of devices, operators and probes, and notifications of non-compliance for timely correction or course documentation. The browser-based application provides access to this information via informative management dashboards and survey-ready reports for individual departments and the data can be aggregated for visibility across facilities and large organizations multicentric.

“We sought to implement Nanosonics AuditPro to automate the link between ultrasound probe reprocessing and patient procedures,” said Lindsay Turner, (RT (R), (M), RDMS (AB) (OB / GYN), RVT), chief sonographer. at the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center. “However, by far the most beneficial part has been the training on the workflow built into the system to challenge the technologist, nurse or sonographer with,” Did you properly clean this probe before using it in the procedure ? If they haven’t, the system guides them in learning the right decision. This grows the hospital towards our goal of 100% compliance and ensures that we are a high reliability organization that ensures our patients are always protected. ”

Nanosonics is known for its trophon HLD technology including trophon The second generation EPR and trophon2 were launched in August 2018. Trophon * technology is fast becoming the standard of care in ultrasound probe infection control with more than 22,000 installations, including all major lighting sites across the country. trophon helps reduce the risk of cross infection from ultrasound probes, providing effective bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and mycobactericidal protection# while ensuring that HLD is performed accurately and consistently. Trophon has been shown to eliminate a wide range of clinically relevant pathogens, including multidrug-resistant bacteria, blood-borne viruses and sexually transmitted pathogens.# The device provides HLD to meet accreditation requirements and support best patient care practices.

Nanosonics AuditPro, the company’s first Internet of Things (IoT) offering in a new digital product line, is designed to help healthcare providers improve and standardize ultrasound infection control compliance for all ultrasound medical exams, ”said Ken Shaw, president of Nanosonics. of the Americas. “With our trophon2 technology, this further confirms our commitment to support IAS risk management in the organization and facility in order to support optimal patient care. ”

The company also announced that it will be hosting a symposium titled: “An asset beyond accreditation: traceability in the high-level disinfection of ultrasound probes” at APIC on Tuesday, June 29 at 1:45 p.m. ET, with speaker Lisa Waldowski, DNP, CIC. Click on here to view the Nanosonics APIC 2021 virtual booth for more information.

About Nanosonics

Nanosonic (ASX: NAN) is a leading medical technology company headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with its North American operations based in Indianapolis. Founded in 2001, the company is one of Australia’s largest medical technology companies and a recognized industry leader in the global infection control market. For more information visit


  1. The Joint Commission (CJT). Poorly sterilized equipment or HLD – a growing problem. May 2017. Available on:

# Nanosonics internal test data

* trophon® technology includes trophon® EPR and trophon®2, which share the same basic “sound activated” hydrogen peroxide technology.

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