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The problem of copyright infringement on is not new. For a long time, music has been played and videos have been watched on broadcasts over which the broadcasters have no rights. Even video game streaming, one of the pieces of content that made so important in the first place, can theoretically be sued by the respective publishers.

Until now, there were often issues where copyrighted material could be played in broadcasts and then re-watched via VoD or clips. Some channels then received warnings, even if the violation dates back several months or even years.

Twitch responds: it changes

As part of the issue, Twitch took action on Wednesday and is now implementing additional warnings on the platform, intended to prevent creators from receiving a warning for their channel without being able to take action first. In the worst case, these warnings can lead to a permanent ban.

The new warnings focus on copyrighted audio material that can still be found in Clips and VoD. Going forward, you should receive a notification if a breach is detected in your recoverable content. Additionally, after the integration of the new warnings, the associated VoD will be muted and all associated clips will be completely removed.

In the future, however, there will be much more information about what you can do to prevent such takedowns and copyright infringements in general.

You will now receive the following input when protected audio content is detected on your channel:

  • You will receive a notification directly on the Twitch platform.
  • You will receive an e-mail in which you can see information about the protected content and even have to include the name of the identified material.
  • It will be linked to all VoDs associated with this material.

Specifically, the new analytics system should work so that you receive the email and notification on Twitch as soon as multiple instances of copyrighted content are found in your VoDs without permission within 24 hours.

In addition, some basic settings regarding the recording of your streams will be adjusted. In the future, the publication of VoDs will be canceled by default. This means that before publishing or downloading the VoDs, you can view them in the creator dashboard and then make a decision.

If you’re absolutely confident with your content layout on and don’t want to use the new warning feature, you have the option to turn it off completely. While obviously not recommended by Twitch, it does give you the freedom to revert to your previous settings.

Always remember that the use of copyrighted audio material means that you may potentially be a victim of copyright infringement. Twitch explains that the new warnings are primarily intended to help you make “more informed decisions about the content” you use on your streams.

You can also find all the details on the new analysis system related to protected audio content on Twitch if necessary. heredirectly in the help section of the homepage.

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