Fractal Ion + 2 Platinum 660W Power Supply Review


We will freely admit that if you were asked to name the manufacturers of PC components, Fractal Design probably wouldn’t be one of the first names you got out of the tongue. However, when brought to your attention, it’s hard to deny that they have an excellent reputation among the PC hardware community for providing quality products at a great value for money. As such, with the launch of their brand new Fractal Ion + 2 Platinum power supply series, we already knew even before we released our review sample that this would likely be a great power supply. – What good is no doubt when we have all the necessary tools to give it a real in-depth look? …

Fractal Ion + 2 Platinum 660W

Fractal Ion + 2 Platinum 660W

Available in wattages ranging from 560 to 860, there is certainly something in the new Fractal Ion + 2 Platinum range to meet all needs and requirements. And in terms of features, they undoubtedly contain some exceptionally impressive attributes. There is, of course, and as the name may have already suggested, that 80-Plus Platinum efficiency rating. However, it goes much further than that. The Fractal Ion + 2 Platinum is a fully modular power supply series offering high performance levels, ‘smart’ hybrid fan functionality to keep acoustic output to an absolute minimum, and if that wasn’t enough it also uses 100 % Japanese capacitors to give savvy consumers the peace of mind that this is a truly quality product.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Fractal Ion + 2 Platinum 660W and if we hadn’t figured it out already, we’d expect it to be good!

Fractal Ion + 2 Platinum 660W

What does Fractal Design have to say?

“The Ion + 2 Platinum is a high performance modular power unit that emphasizes quiet operation, improved cable flexibility and superior output quality. The latest generation features a host of electrical design improvements and built-in accessories to ensure that all models meet and exceed the requirements of the latest high-end motherboards and ATX 2.52 specifications.

A user-selectable “Zero RPM” semi-passive mode maintains pure silence under light loads, and the custom-made 140mm fan with FDB bearings remains barely audible even under heavy use.

All models include Fractal Design’s revolutionary UltraFlex DC cabling, an ultra-high count wire with specially formulated insulation that allows extreme flexibility without loss of efficiency or current capacity. UltraFlex cables effortlessly bend and twist to simplify installation in tight spaces, allow precise cable routing, and eliminate the hassle inherent in traditional rigid power cabling.

Ion + 2 is available in 560, 660, 760 and 860 watt capacities, all with 80PLUS®Platinum efficiency, a 10 year warranty and a full electrical protection suite.

Ion 2 Platinum KV 1


  • 80PLUS® Platinum efficiency for optimized use of electricity and reduced heat production
  • Excellent electrical output quality with strict voltage regulation and low ripple and noise
  • Fully modular design for a small footprint and maximum ease of installation and with Fractal Design UltraFlex â„¢ (extra bendable flexible cables) for better cable management
  • Equipped with a large, high-performance 140mm Fractal Design Dynamic GP-14 fan, custom designed for use with a power supply with exceptionally low minimum speed and true long-life FDB bearing
  • User-selectable semi-passive operation allows either passive operation in low load situations or continuous low speed fan operation to reduce stress on components
  • Compact 150mm depth allows installation in compact enclosures or provides additional space for cable management in larger enclosures
  • Japanese premium 105 ° C capacitors provide maximum reliability and durability
  • Extended 10-year warranty and comprehensive electrical protection suite provide peace of mind
  • Supports the latest ATX 2.52 standard with improved start-up time and transient load response
  • Premium storage bags for cables and power supplies
  • All models include two 8-pin ATX12V / EPS cables, ensuring compatibility with new motherboards
Ion 2 Platinum 660W Rear Right Above


For more detailed specifications, please visit the official Fractal website via the link here!

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Featuring a fully modular design, it’s always important to know that the power supply you choose for your system provides all of the connectors necessary to successfully connect your components while providing, for the more sophisticated consumer, plenty of options for future upgrades. at the level. – Although the Fractal Ion + 2 Platinum 660W does not offer absolutely masses of connections, for an output power of this type, it should always be more than sufficient for the vast majority of even quite powerful gaming systems.

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