Extensive Riedel configuration chosen for new OB Visual UHD AMP vans


AMP Visual TV has chosen Riedel solutions to ensure routing and signal processing as well as communications on board its brand new UHD Millenium 3 and Millenium 4 live production vehicles. A real-time network Riedel MediorNet drives productions at 14 cameras (10 4K compatible) for trucks and Riedel’s Artist digital matrix intercom and Bolero wireless intercom allow seamless communications between teams.

Specializing in live television production, AMP Visual offers broadcast services across the entire production chain. The company has one of the largest OB van fleets in Europe, 44 in total, and also operates 29 studios in Paris, eight of which have fixed OBs. A few years ago, Riedel had the opportunity to work with AMP Visual on the launch of its flagship Millenium Signature 12, a 44-camera van (22 4K compatible) driven by a massive MediorNet signal transport infrastructure. Building on its success, this unit was quickly followed by the Millenium 6 OB van project, also based on Riedel technology.

“We had an exceptional experience working with Riedel on Millenium Signature 12, the first OB van in Europe entirely based on MediorNet video routing and processing technology. MediorNet has not only been a huge success on our Millenium Signature 12 and Millenium 6 vans, but it also provides live coverage on our DSNG vehicles and has been instrumental in the live broadcasts of our 24 Hours of Le Mans series ” , said François Valadoux, Technical Director, AMP Visual. “Therefore, it made sense to look again to Riedel to provide a fully decentralized and scalable hybrid infrastructure for Millenium 3 and 4.”

MediorNet’s modular and networked DNA makes OB vans, flying control rooms and stage boxes fully interconnectable, allowing the combined mobile units to handle larger productions while ensuring that they can each operate efficiently in mode. autonomous for small jobs. Reflecting this logic, the Millenium 3 and 4 are each designed for daily UHD video productions while also having the ability to expand for larger productions by simply merging with any other system in the AMP Visual fleet with Riedel technology at edge. Thus, the combined units Millenium 3 and 4 ensured the coverage of the last match of the UEFA Champions League in Paris at the beginning of March.

“MediorNet is at the heart of our philosophy of providing a fleet of OB units that can be easily shared, combined and reshipped on the fly according to our daily production needs,” explains Valadoux. “In particular, the latest MediorNet MicroN UHD modular devices play a key role with their incredible 48-port video density – with rack space savings always welcome in mobile applications – as well as 400G of bandwidth to create virtually unlimited mesh topology scenarios. “

In addition to MediorNet, Millenium 3 and 4 have an IP communication infrastructure based on Riedel’s Artist-1024 digital matrix intercom in combination with Bolero – which AMP Visual recently named as the wireless intercom standard for the network. ‘entire operation. The communications system also includes a mix of Riedel’s intelligent IP-based user interfaces of the 1200 and 2300 SmartPanel series.

“AMP Visual TV is not only known for its tailored coverage of some of the world’s biggest events and the production of renowned television programs, but it is also recognized as a pioneer in cutting-edge technology applications such as UHD OB services, wireless video or remote production. »Said Franck Berger, Managing Director France and Africa of Riedel Communications. “With these latest OB projects, AMP Visual TV demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in OB production, and we are very proud that Riedel is a key contributor to this ongoing effort.”


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